27 Jan

Watching the units progress into Round 2

We have been following about 4 of the first of 39 units currently undergoing both Round 1 and then Round 2 of the 2010 Unit Renovation project. Those 1st 4 are now mostly complete for the Round 1 work required, Read More →
26 Jan

The Clubhouse Sign Closeup of Logo and lighted

A close up look at the new Clubhouse sign logo made up of individually back lit letters.  The first lighting and the new look of the Clubhouse and sign from the entry drive. Read More →
24 Jan

Continuing look at the Unit Renovation Project and new sign at Clubhouse

We continue to watch photos of selected units undergoing both the 1st and 2nd rounds of the 2010 Unit renovation work.  These 4 units are the first of 39 currently undergoing both rounds. All other units at the resort have Read More →
21 Jan

ARDA posts Consumer Scam warning about timeshare

ARDA (American Resort Developers Association), of which Cypress Pointe Resort is an active member, has posted a new consumer warning about a potential scam. The operation may be using the ARDA name to gain credibility. See the full press release Read More →
18 Jan

Renovation Update

The progress continues on the final 39 units to get Round 1 and the first 39 to get Round 2 of the 2010 Renovation. A few of the first 39 have the new tile floors, the bath area doors and Read More →
17 Jan

New online Service Directory

New on line services available. As more guests travel with Internet access we are happy to offer new online versions of the Resort Services Directory including an expanded TV channel listing including newly added HD choices. Read More →
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