18 Jan

Renovation Update

The progress continues on the final 39 units to get Round 1 and the first 39 to get Round 2 of the 2010 Renovation. A few of the first 39 have the new tile floors, the bath area doors and Read More →
17 Jan

New online Service Directory

New on line services available. As more guests travel with Internet access we are happy to offer new online versions of the Resort Services Directory including an expanded TV channel listing including newly added HD choices. Read More →
15 Jan

New! Massage Services now offered

New at CPR for 2013 is a full service Massage available in your unit. Pricing / Schedule Read More →
10 Jan

Round 2 Renovation Update Photos

RND_2_B Round 2 of the 2010 Unit Renovation is now underway. Before that can begin there were 39 units that still required Round 1. Those are being done now. (Click on images for larger views) This is only the first week Read More →
7 Jan

Welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013 Our all new Cypress Pointe Resort Website goes live! Early January is a time for resort cleanup: Read More →
2 Nov

Work Is Complete on the ADA Clubhouse access project

Work Is Complete on the ADA Clubhouse access project 11/2/12 The ADA Clubhouse Entry work is complete! Grand opening today. 10/29/12 – Nearly ready to open Update 11/1/12 The roofing goes on Landscaping arrives for install Lights moved from original porch to new structure Schedule calls for final inspection Read More →
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