Although the focus this year and in 2014 is the Round 2 2010 Unit Renovation project, there are some other things being done in the resort common areas.

A decision was made a few years ago that when the perimeter fencing needed repair/replacement it would be changed over to a powder coated metal decorative style. The first sections of that changeover are now underway. The new look fencing replaces the 15+ year old white plastic privacy fencing with the more open metal style we have used around the Playground, Recreation/Picnic and Pool areas as they were built or renovated. It offers a more classic, open look that helps make the area feel much larger. We are placing additional plantings along the fence to offer some screening with a natural texture without totally limiting the view.  These pictures are in the Building 8 & 7 areas.

We have also been looking for stronger, better looking table umbrellas for the pool area. We finally found a local vendor with a suitable style. There are also heavy custom bases for each table to prevent tipping.  The new heavy duty construction should extend the useful life while the two color style adds to the colorful look of the pool.

Finally we are converting the Gift Shop focus to a more Convenience store type inventory. This was done after considerable input from guests when asked what they would like to see available there. It is hoped the change will spur sales and thus decrease the annual subsidies that have been required. Be sure to check it out during your next visit!

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Coming soon: Groceries / supplies delivered to your unit. No time to shop? Let our Gift Shop know what you need and it will be waiting for you upon arrival.  This is an often requested service we are happy to be offering to Guests.

The Cafe Pointe Coffee Shop will soon be under new management. Joffery’s Coffee Roasters, our long time coffee/tea supplier, will be operating the Cafe under contract starting on or before 5/21/13.  With their long history of coffee expertise we anticipate a better than ever before guest experience in our beautiful Cafe and poolside patio area. Come enjoy a pastry, coffee, hot and cold beverages – including Wine, beer and others soon!