You may have heard the term “Phase 1” applied to Cypress Pointe Resort. This term evolved from the time period of 1995 to 2011 when there were seemingly not one but two Cypress Pointe Resorts.  The resort across the street from CPR, now named Grande Villas Resort, was then called Cypress Pointe Grande Villas.

Cypress Pointe Resort Clubhouse / Check In Building

Due to the great initial success of Cypress Pointe Resort in 1995 the Developer decided to build a second resort. It would also feature the Caribbean theme of CPR, but would have a different unit layout and taller buildings. Apparently to save construction costs they also decided to share the common areas of the original CPR and the new resort including the large  Clubhouse / Check In building. It was also set up that the two resorts, although always operated

independently with two separate HOA’s, would share all common amenities such as pools, tennis courts, etc. This way more features would be available to guests than either could host alone on the limited grounds available. This “second” Cypress Pointe Resort was often referred to as “Phase 2” – thus the original was dubbed “Phase 1”.

In 2011, after many years of operation under that sharing plan, the two resort Associations decided that totally independent operations were preferable.  The CPGV Association renamed their resort Grande Villas Resort and built their own Clubhouse / Check in facility. What didn’t change was the ability for the guests at CPR and GVR to continue to share all the common area features each resort offers. That sharing will always remain part of the Cypress Pointe Resort and Grande Villas Resort guest experience.

So although there is a basis for the term Phase 1 as applied to CPR, there is only one Cypress Pointe Resort. This is the web site for CPR. We hope to see you at the resort soon.

Grande Villas Resort Clubhouse / Check In Building

Want more information? View the original “Phase 1 – Phase 2” Comparison chart that shows how the two resorts differ. Remember, there is only one Cypress Pointe Resort and reservations cannot be changed from one resort to the other once made.