Round 2 of the 2010 Unit Renovation is now underway. Before that can begin there were 39 units that still required Round 1. Those are being done now. (Click on images for larger views)

Every area is completely stripped to bare walls and floors for both Rounds 1 and 2 in 39 Units. This is an example of just how deeply every unit is being stripped to insure no lingering or potential problems.

This was the kitchen. We are very serious about this – these units are renovated to better than brand new condition. We are down to the bare walls and, if needed, into the wall itself to assure the condition.

Any prior damage, water stains/mold, etc from 20 years of existence will be found and removed. All cabinets are replaced with new, real wood custom cabinets and granite counter tops.

This is what little remains of the original master bathroom. The walls will be extended and the double door entry installed as part of Round 1.

The shower. Again, to the studs to insure a safe, clean unit for every guest. These showers get all new granite surrounds and new shower pans that should last for the life of the buildings.

Hallway bath outside 2nd bedroom. Gets new sink, floor and more.

Small 2nd bedroom stripped and ready for redo.

The “B” side lock off studio unit. Same situation – stripped to the studs where any possible water may have done unseen damage over the years. This shower also gets all new granite surround and shower pan.

Many owners ask why reserve fees are required, how “simple” maintenance can possibly cost so much and how can a renovation cost over $12 million? This is what has to be done – 168 times. Along with all other items in each unit.

Main floor of “B” side. Roman tub is removed to check plumbing. New tub surround is granite for long service life and great looks. This unit is nearly ready for reconstruction round 1. Only 38 more to go!

This is only the first week of work. Please visit often as we update everyone on the progress being made. Once completed Round 2 immediately begins on these same 39 units.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress.