New floors, counter tops, cabinets – same 2004 Furnishings. Click on photos for larger view.

Some owners may know that work on the renovations for 2011 at Cypress Pointe Resort is already underway. Every 3 bedroom condo will again be getting fresh softgoods, carpet and possibly entertainment features. As was done in 2003 there is a model unit being outfitted with the new features to ensure the quality and look desired. Here is a look at that actual model as it has been completed to show owners the all new look. The project was completed to this extent in March 2005 and all units will get the brand new look once it is finalized during the 2010/11 renovation process. This was the first attempt at cabinet, counter and plumbing changes. No furniture, entertainment items, carpet or other soft goods were changed

What has been done so far:

The new look living area. (click on photo for larger view) Photos updated 3/12/06. Note that all furnishings are the 2003 products and may be changed when the actual implementation date is closer.

Here are the first looks at some major changes. Note the new lighter tile flooring in all tiled areas. Also new granite countertops and plumbing fixtures.

There is a design in the new tile at the entrance to keep some color and design. Granite countertops for the kitchen and bath areas in both master suites.

Note that the cabinets are also being replaced in the kitchen and baths. The ones shown here were not approved. A real wood style is planned for the final version and will be installed in the model prior to any final approval.

The new bedroom look. Note the DOORS on the right in the master bedroom suite.

A closer look at the revised master bedroom suite bathroom with the new doorway on left, granite countertop, tub surround, tile floor and doors. Look in mirror to see the new double doorway to the bedroom in the second photo.

The new look “B” unit. Bath gets granite countertop and tub surround as well as that new toilet area door. Again check the reflection in the mirror to see the new door.

The roman tub gets marble surround and new fixtures. Tile flooring in the bath area is replaced to match the 2 bedroom side.

Please give us feedback on these proposed changes and anything else you feel needs to be looked at for the 2010 renovation work.