All ownerships at Cypress Pointe Resort are 100% float time, deeded, 3 bedroom, 3 bath condos. Our unit design in 1992 was at the forefront of the “lock out” concept for timeshares, as well as offering 100% float time use. What that means is owners have extreme flexibility for use, without the cost of a “club” or exchange company.

A 100% float time resort such as ours offers it’s owners the opportunity each and every use period to choose exactly when vacationing is best for them. Rather than being locked each use into a specific week or unit our owners get to choose any week within their use period (Emerald or Diamond use time).

Want to see what Orlando and the many water parks are like in the heat of a Florida summer? Christmas in the Worlds’ top travel destination? Perhaps this year is when you want a more laid back stay in mid-May to simply relax.  You get to choose your use each time*.  Or  deposit your 2 or 3 bedroom unit with VRI*iety®, RCI®, II®, SFX® or any of the other third party exchange companies to bank your time for exchange use at another resort or to extend the use for exchange or return to Cypress Pointe into another year.♦

It doesn’t end there. Our flexible use extends to the unit itself. Reserve a 2 bedroom for your regular use week and then pick another time to enjoy the Studio lock out.  With it’s own private entrance, refrigerator, microwave, private balcony and more, with your Studio♦♦ unit you can enjoy up to two full weeks at Cypress Pointe for your one annual fee.**

And there is even more included. Break your week into 3 and 4 day stays.*** Enjoy a mid-week arrival one week and then enjoy a long weekend another!  All included in your deeded ownership without involving an exchange company.

Cypress Pointe Resort was ahead of it’s time in providing flexible use options to each and every owner.  Remember to use that to customize your next stay and maximize the value for your family.


*Each owner is required to make a timely reservation request each use period. All reservations are subject to availability and assigned on a first come – first served basis. Make your request as early as possible to ensure the best selection.
** A small split use fee applies to split week use and split unit use. Applied at time of reservation.
*** Split use can be for 3 or 4 days, totaling 7 nights, and can only include one weekend period per use year.
Exchange companies are independent third parties and may charge a membership fee in addition to use fees. Only 2 and 3 bedroom units are eligible for exchange deposit. Studio units must be used within the current use period at the resort and cannot be exchanged. 
♦♦ Studio lock offs are strictly limited to a maximum two person occupancy.