We have been following about 4 of the first of 39 units currently undergoing both Round 1 and then Round 2 of the 2010 Unit Renovation project. Those 1st 4 are now mostly complete for the Round 1 work required, meaning that when all 39 are completed every one of our 168 total units will have that Round 1 work completed.  Now those first few are moving into the Round 2 stage. This is the part owners and guests will get the maximum impact from. It involves the new color scheme including Hallway / Dining / Work & Living areas with two tone paint & a new chair rail. All new carpeting with a new design, new ceiling fans of a darker color to complement the new furnishings and new lighting. The parts shown that are Round 2 related are noted in the photo comments. (Not seen if viewed as a slideshow)

Although these 4 units are nearing completion of this part of the project there are still more exciting changes to look forward to.  Once this current work is completed and the preliminary cleanup is done the delivery and set up of the all new furnishing and soft goods will get underway. The present schedule calls for the delivery to occur in mid-February, but that has not yet been confirmed by the supplier. Any delay will hold up the availability of these redone units and we really hope that doesn’t occur. The units we are watching have been under renovation for just over 3 full weeks. The schedule calls for the complete renovation including all Round 2 work to be done within 6 weeks in each unit. We still hope to make that time line.

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When the furnishings and soft goods arrive the final look will be in place and ready to welcome guests for the next 7-10 years. Continue to watch here for more updates as this work moves toward completion in all 39 units now being renovated.